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Prince Harry’s Paranoia Revealed: Believing Charles Wasn’t His Father, He Plotted to Oust Him from the Royal Family. Full story below👇👇👇




Over the course of two days, Harry shocked the world by divulging that he grew up believing rumors suggesting that his biological father was not Prince Charles, but rather James Hewitt, a military officer and the lover of his late mother, Princess Diana. Convinced that these stories were part of a palace conspiracy to remove him from the royal family, Harry’s disturbed paranoia became apparent.



Speaking to the National Enquirer, a well-placed royal source revealed that while Harry acknowledges his paranoia, he often appears delusional, refusing to take responsibility for his actions and blaming others for the negatives in his life. This has been a long-standing frustration within the palace, and now it has become public knowledge

Reportedly, Harry fell for the paternity rumors due to his strained relationship with his father, Charles, whom he viewed as emotionally distant. He allowed himself to believe in the childhood fantasy that Charles was not his biological father. Mental health expert Dr. Gilda Carly, in an interview with the National Enquirer, suggested that Harry’s book titles, including “The Spare Heir,” reflect his feeling of being overshadowed by his older brother, William. Dr. Gilda further posited that Harry saw his mother as a “spare” as well, given Charles’ relationship with Camilla. This perception likely contributed to his estrangement from the royal family that persists to this day.

However, critics argue that it is time for Harry to mature and take responsibility, especially as a parent to his children, Archie and Lilibet. Playing the perpetual victim, as he has done in his accusations against his family in a Netflix docu-series and his book, only perpetuates the cycle of suffering. Dr. Gilda emphasized the importance of moving past these issues and becoming a positive role model for his own children.


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