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PAIGE SPIRANAC gave fans a hack for golfers with big boobs and shared slow motion video




In a recent post on X, Paige gave tips for players on the course who have bigger busts.


She wrote: “I’ve been doing these slow mo videos and in all seriousness it’s wild seeing what my chest has to do through the swing so my arms can clear lol I can totally understand why women with larger chests who pick up the game feel stuck and uncomfortable.

“My tip is under on the right arm and over the chest on the left at set up. Also stand a little farther away from the ball!”

Paige had just a brief year playing career but is now making huge amounts through social media.

Research from Vegas Insider suggests the 31-year-old earns as much as FOUR TIMES more per post than Scottie Scheffler.

The study estimates that Paige earns between $8,477 (£6,692) to $12,716 (£10,000) per post.

Scheffler, on the other hand, earns $2,000 (£1,578) to $3,000 (£2,368) per post.

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