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VIDEO: New Leaked Footage Shows Taylor Swift in Disguise SNEAKING into NFL Stadium to Watch Travis Kelce for the First Time…




NEW footage has shown Taylor Swift in disguise while arriving to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce play in an NFL game for the first time.


A TikTok video showed the 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift sneaking into Arrowhead Stadium to see Travis Kelce in action last September.

Kelce recently opened up on Swift’s demeanor before she arrived to see him play for the first timeCredit: Getty

The 34-year-old Swift stole the show when she appeared in the Arrowhead Stadium box, alongside Kelce’s mother, Donna, to see Kelce and the Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears on September 24.

It was the first of her many viral appearances at Kelce’s games, including the Super Bowl.

But this week, Kelce revealed that the music icon Swift embraced being an Average Joe when she took her services to her NFL debut.

And a clip has emerged of the 34-year-old avoiding being seen by the public while heading into the Kansas City home stadium.

TikTok user Spencer Carter posted a video on Thursday of Swift being spotted making her way through the barriers leading up to the Chiefs stadium while near fans.

She was donning a black face mask and cap to block her face.

The Fortnight singer Swift appeared to shield herself from being viewed while being behind a man wearing a Kelce No. 87 jersey.

Still, the singer could be recognized due to her long, blonde hair.

Swift wore a red and white Chiefs jacket during the clip, the same attire she was later seen sporting in the suite.

Two girls were filming the sequence and were heard picking Swift out while the crowd didn’t seem to know she was there.

Kelce shared that Swift “really won me over” with her requests to not have VIP treatment.


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