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Vergara joking tells Clarkson to ‘shut up’ after the host downplayed the actress’ transformation for ‘Griselda.’



Vergara joking tells Clarkson to 'shut up' after the host downplayed the actress' transformation for 'Griselda.'


Sofia Vergara was quick to correct Kelly Clarkson in hilarious fashion. The 51-year-old actress recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her new Netflix series, Griselda, and jokingly came for the host when she downplayed the transformation Vergara underwent to play the Colombian drug lord.


“I feel like they only changed your nose or something. I don’t know what they did,” Clarkson told Vergara of her Griselda transformation, much to the actress’ dismay.



“What?!” Vergara exclaimed. “Are you crazy?!”

“I’m saying whatever they did, though, it looks slight,” Clarkson responded. “It doesn’t look like, you know what I’m saying? When you look at you, it doesn’t look…”


“No, Kelly, it was hours!” Vergara fired back with mock outrage.

“Here’s what I’m saying, it probably took time but… the slight change completely changed your being,” Clarkson tried to explain, as Vergara listed the changes she underwent for the role.

“Shut up. It was a wig! It was a lot! They did a lot to me! It was teeth, it was wig, it was nose,” she said. “It was plastic from here to here.”

Clarkson was eventually able to get a full explanation in, telling Vergara, “They did such a good job that it looked seamless… You literally look like you could actually just be this person in other movies. You could have two careers. You look like a different actress playing the role. You could have a whole different life as this actress.”

That pleased Vergara, who told Clarkson, “That is exactly what I wanted, that reaction. I love that you thought it was just a little thing, because that means it looks natural.”

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