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Travis Kelce Was Asked A Personal Question About Taylor Swift, And People Are Praising His Response.




Let’s be real, the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift conversation is never going out of style


But good luck getting Travis to speak now. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is being tight-lipped about his relationship with Taylor.

In the past, the two-time Super Bowl champ had no problem bringing up the 12-time Grammy winner any chance he could get.

But now, their rumored romance has become so “serious” it appears to be part of his NFL career, too.

During a press conference before their international game against the Dolphins in Germany, Travis was in the hot seat when a reporter called an audible with a pretty personal line of questioning.


I was waiting until the last moment because I was wondering how many people would ask about Taylor Swift,” the reporter said. “What is the latest status, and are you in love?”

Travis tried to dodge the question, saying, “The latest status is I got to see [Taylor] last week. That’s the latest status, right there.”

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