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Travis Kelce discusses Taylor Swift, his very busy off-season, and working with Ryan Murphy in a new interview with Good Morning America.




In an interview with Good Morning America, the NFL player talked about his very busy off-season.


After 11 seasons playing in the NFL, Travis Kelce is by no means a rookie in the league. But in some of his other, newer roles—boyfriend to Taylor Swift, actor on Ryan Murphy’s Grotesquerie, and presidential BFF, to name a few—he’s learning on the job.

In an interview that aired Thursday on Good Morning America, Kelce dished about his off-season goings-on and how he’s keeping his schedule (extremely) full in the months between winning his second consecutive Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs and suiting up for training camp in late July.

He’s spent a lot of time with Swift this summer, of course, popping up at her Eras Tour show in Paris alongside Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid last month, then enjoying a romantic getaway by Italy’s Lake Como. Overall, he said, he’s “livin’ the dream, baby.

I’m so fortunate and so grateful [for] everything that’s come my way in life,” he said. “I feel like I’m on top of the mountain, even after winning the Super Bowl and having the off-season that I’m having. Just looking forward to what’s next in life, man…I’m so grateful. So appreciative.”

Among those off-season experiences are taking a trip to the White House with his team to meet Joe Biden and being called up to the podium (“I felt all the Taser guns on me when I walked up there,” he said, but summed it up as “cool, man”), hosting Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?, and trying his hand at playing someone other than himself for the first time.

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