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Travis And Jason Kelce Make Heartbreaking Announcement That No Fan Wants To Hear




Travis and Jason Kelce have made an announcement about their ‘New Heights’ podcast that fans will not like.


The show has been very successful since its launch and is one of the best sports podcasts out there. However, following this week’s episode, it won’t be back online for a few months.

The brothers revealed on Wednesday that they will be stepping away from ‘New Heights’ for around two months so Travis can focus on the Kansas City Chiefs training camp

Jason Kelce retired from football this year after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, but he will have plenty going on, as he has joined ESPN for ‘Monday Night Football’ coverage.

The gig will not prevent him from shooting the podcast, though, as he’s still permitted to run it despite his deal with The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

We can probably bank on the brothers having a lot more to talk about once ‘New Heights’ resumes. And it will be worth it if the Chiefs do snag that three-peat.

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