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The Final Blow to Meghan Markle: Prince Harry’s Regretful Backstabbing and Princess Catherine’s Olive Branch See more right here👉🏻




According to a royal expert and author, Harry deeply regrets the loss of his once-close friendship with Kate and finds himself torn between his loyalty to his wife, Meghan, and his lingering affection for the Princess of Wales.


Harry and Kate used to be inseparable, part of the famous “Fab Four” with William and Meghan. They shared a special bond that Harry treasured deeply. But then Meghan entered the picture, and Harry was pulled into her world, leaving Kate behind, feeling betrayed by a brother-in-law she once considered a dear friend.

According to the expert, Meghan doesn’t share Harry’s nostalgic sentiments towards Kate. In fact, Meghan reportedly believes that Kate should have unequivocally supported her through every difficulty, viewing Kate as an outsider in the royal family just like herself. However, Kate handled her royal transition with grace and dignity, earning public and royal family admiration without demanding special treatment or constant sympathy.

Meghan’s expectations of Kate seem unrealistic considering Meghan’s own contentious relationships within the royal family, including the infamous disagreement over bridesmaid dresses that reportedly left Kate in tears. It’s worth noting that Meghan ultimately decided to step away from royal life, not the other way around.

In Meghan’s narrative, she often portrays herself as the perpetual victim, unable to see her own role in the rifts that have occurred. This mindset has seemingly influenced Harry, who now finds himself torn between loyalty to Meghan and his enduring affection for Kate. With Kate’s recent challenges, Harry is reportedly in a difficult position, mourning the erosion of a once-close bond that was pivotal during his toughest times.

It’s a heart-wrenching situation for Harry, who had the opportunity to preserve a vital friendship but, influenced by Meghan’s perspective, has seen it deteriorate. Kate was not just a sister-in-law but a confidante and partner in mischief for Harry, and losing that connection is deeply painful

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