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Taylor Swift’s Magnɪficent $17M Estate ɪn Rhode Island. And She once patrolled around her mansion with a water gun!!! See comments for more details 👇👇👇



Taylor Swift’ historic Rhode Island mansion, “High Watch,” priced at $ 17 million, spans 11,000 sq ft with 8 bedrooms and 10+ bathrooms.

Overlooking 700 feet of shoreline, this 1930-built colonial boasts 8 fireplaces, a 45’ sunroom, and a 5-car garage on a 5-acre estate.

“Taylor Swift’s Magnɪficent $17M Estate ɪn Rhode Island: A Testamenᴛ to Her Αstounding Achievemenᴛs as She Ascᴇnds to Billionaire Status!” – News

Perched atop the highest point in Watch Hill, this mansion commands an unrivaled oceanfront presence, its lush lawns stretching to embrace the Atlantic.

The estate’s sprawling grounds include an inviting swimming pool, complete with a playful slide, and lounge area, setting the scene for unforgettable outdoor enjoyment.

Embraced by rolling lawns, this stately colonial residence stands on generous grounds, offering panoramic views of Little Narragansett Bay.

The circular driveway provides a gracious entrance with plenty of parking, harmonizing convenience with the estate’s expansive greenery and waterfront allure.

High Watch stands out as a jewel among coastal homes with its striking white facade, embodying the quintessence of New England charm.

The property is not just a home but a statement of timeless elegance, framed by protective stone embankments and soft greenery.

This tranquil beach serves as the private haven for “High Watch,” with soft sands leading to the crisp waters of the Atlantic.

It’s a serene escape step away from the home, where the rhythmic waves compose a calming soundtrack for residents.

This vibrant photo captures the essence of summer at “High Watch,” where leisure and luxury playfully mingle.

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