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Taylor Swift Fans Are On The Defense After Video Surfaces Of Julia Roberts And Travis Kelce Together During Eras Tour Stop




Taylor Swift is the world’s biggest pop star, and Travis Kelce is the NFL’s best tight end, so when you mesh these two stars together, you get the ultimate power couple, and luckily for NFL fans and Swifties alike, it’s a reality.


Being that the latter is one of the most prominent figures in the world right now with the help of Swift and yet another Super Bowl ring, there’s no question that he may receive some unwanted attention at times.

Kelce was filmed during an Eras Tour concert this past weekend while chatting with actor Julia Roberts, who appeared to be getting a little too handsy with the pop mega star’s boyfriend, which caused Swifties to come to the defense of Kelce and Swift.

One fan seemed to be laughing at all the comments worrying about Roberts chatting with the Chiefs superstar, commenting, “the children in these comments,” followed by a bunch of laughing face emojis.

Another fan pointed out that Roberts and her whole family are apparently Chiefs fans and have been for years, explaining why the actor may be so excited to meet the Pro Bowler. Not only that, but she has also been married for 20-plus years and has three kids, which pretty much debunks the entire case.

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