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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s ‘Matchmaker’ speaks out and reveals how the Chiefs Star ‘blew Taylor’s mind’ when they met on their first blind date… ‘He has this way of doing things that Taylor..’.




Erin Andrews was blown away by Travis Kelce after sharing the VIP tent with the Kansas City Chiefs star at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in London.


In Erin Andrews

In the latest installment of their Calm Down podcast, Andrews and co-host Charissa Thompson – who claim bragging rights as matchmaker to the couple – broke down how Kelce was behind the scenes at his girlfriend’s record-breaking tour.

Andrews admitted her investment in getting a scoop on Swift’s dance routines and show details. Ahead of the 14-time Grammy winner’s acoustic setlist, Andrews attempted to make Kelce a source of information.

‘I said: ‘Travis! Do you know what they are?” the FOX Sports reporter recalled. ‘He was great, whether he had a poker face or not, he was like: ‘I think it’s an old one and one of the new ones.”

‘And it was adorable. He goes: ‘And the bridge leads to this.’ I just looked at him and I go: ‘The fact that you just said ‘Bridge’ blows my mind.”

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