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Prince Harry Kicked Out of the UK by King Charles Due to Ignoring Protocol and Disobeying the King…Full story below👇👇👇




In 2020, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle shocked the world by announcing they were quitting their roles as working royals and moving to North America. At the time, Buckingham Palace claimed the decision was mutual and supportive. However, Zara is now revealing what really happened behind the palace walls that led to Harry’s departure.


According to multiple sources, Zara shared some candid details at a recent polo event about Harry’s alleged insolent and disrespectful behavior, which reportedly made the Queen and other royals uncomfortable. Zara joked that Harry had been “kicked to the curb” for repeatedly ignoring protocol, disobeying the Queen, and treating royal duties more like a joke than a lifelong commitment. She claimed that Harry’s behavior had finally become too much to bear, leaving the family no choice but to revoke his royal titles and privileges before he could embarrass them further.

While Zara was clearly teasing Harry in a light-hearted way among friends at the polo match, her anecdotes align with long-standing rumors about tensions between Harry and the royal family. It appears that the final straw was Harry’s decision to sue the British tabloids without informing the Queen, which reportedly angered Her Majesty by introducing press secrecy rules.

Reports also suggest Harry was increasingly frustrated with restrictions on his role in public life. Behind closed doors, he allegedly mocked traditions such as bowing to the Queen and attending official events. Insiders say Harry was unhappy about being considered less important than his brother William, despite his enthusiasm for charity work. These factors led to conflicts with courtiers and other royal members who were trying to maintain the dignity of the monarchy.

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