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Prince Harry announced he”s ready to take over throne “I’m the rightful heir to the throne” as king Charles revealed Williams is not his biological son…Williams in deep sh*t




Prince William is reportedly already planning for his future reign as king, and it seems that those plans don’t involve his estranged brother Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two brothers have been locked in a bitter feud for several years now.


One of the major points of contention between them was the publication of Harry’s explosive memoir, Spare, in which he claimed that William physically attacked him during a heated argument at Kensington Palace. Harry and Meghan have since stepped back from their royal roles and now live in California, pursuing projects with Netflix.

If Prince William’s plan for Harry and Meghan is anything like his plan to end homelessness or his plan to make the Middle East his ‘lifelong mission’ (whatever the that means), the Sussexes needn’t be concerned. The #PrinceOfPegging has no work ethic. Never has, never will.

A source revealed that William doesn’t see a future for the Sussexes in the Royal Family. The feeling is that allowing them back into the fold would be a bad move, and they should be resigned to the fringes indefinitely.

Despite the ongoing feud, the Royal Family recently put on a united front. King Charles, the Queen, William, and Kate attended a dazzling reception at Buckingham Palace, marking the start of the festive season.

Royal aides emphasized that it was “business as usual” for the family, despite a recent controversy regarding conversations about the color of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie’s skin.

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