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Prince Harry admitted that Meghan hired a surrogate, saying, “She forbade me from revealing this secret; Archie is actually…” ” Full story below👇👇👇




Samantha Markle claimed that Megan miscarried during her first pregnancy and then opted to secretly use a surrogate to carry baby Archie. She also claimed that the surrogate was reluctant to hand the child over, forcing Megan to carry a doll during public engagements to keep up appearances.

believe the surrogate has not yet handed over the baby. Some others allegedly tweeted in June of last year, “I think it should be mandatory that proof of delivery from my sister’s womb be provided if any of the children are to have a title.”


Archie should not have a title because I believe a surrogate was involved. She continued adding, “I believe she picked up her eggs in Los Angeles.”

Some also claim that this matter is super important as it should prevent Megan and Harry’s children from receiving royal titles, even though the parents have already made it clear that they don’t want the kids to have titles.

There’s no DNA proof that he’s Harry’s son, and furthermore, there’s no proof that Archie or Lily were delivered from the womb, which is a requirement for titles under British law.

Samantha said Harry’s memoir also raised massive questions regarding Archie’s birth. Harry had no idea how delivery works, as a mother cannot eat before the child’s arrival due to the risk of suffocation.

Additionally, no professional nurse or midwife would allow a laboring woman to get into a pool of water after she’s been given laughing gas. You also don’t need to be a medical practitioner to know that. Also, has Harry ever been to a hospital for an operation?

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