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NFL Fans Are Going Wild After Tennessee Titans Sales Executive Was Arrested In Nashville On Disturbing Charges




Mary-Kate Wichalonis is not starting off her career with the Tennessee Titans in the best way.


23-year-old model and Tennessee Titans sales executive Mary-Kate Wichalonis started her job with the NFL team five months ago, and now, after her recent actions, she is in danger of possibly throwing it all away.

Mary-Kate Wichalonis is in big trouble after she reportedly had an altercation with a security guard this week. This was just the tip of the iceberg of her actions on June 18th.

A police report obtained by Scoop Nashville shows officers would arrive at Whiskey Row following an altercation she had with security guard Noah Williams.

Wichalonis was located on the ground as she was detained by security. As cops took her to the squad car, they noticed she showed multiple signs of impairment, and she reeked of alcohol.

Officers would speak with the security guard, who informed them that Wichalonis tried to sneak her boyfriend into the bar, and when they went to remove her from the establishment, she became violent and hit him in the head six times before others took her down.

Officers asked Mary-Kate Wichalonis her story, and she confirmed that she was trying to sneak her boyfriend in because he had lost his ID.

She was on the road to getting a citation, but she refused to give her fingerprints, and she was detained. She was taken into custody for public intoxication and assault.

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