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NFL Fans Are Buzzing After Travis Kelce Spotted Taking Photo With Chiefs Owner’s Daughter, Gracie Hunt (PIC)




With Patrick Mahomes already taken, Travis Kelce has always been the next most logical match for Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.


Sure, Kelce is supposedly back in a relationship with Kayla Nicole. But this is a man who’s never been afraid to shoot his shot. So when he was seen taking a photo with Gracie at the Chiefs’ training camp, fans immediately took notice.

lot of people are hoping for Travis and Gracie to get together,” one fan said in Gracie’s comments section. Another fan seemed to agree, saying, “Kelce and gracie nice combination.”

Those who were paying closer attention to the photo couldn’t help but notice that Travis was being extra cautions not to cross any lines with the owner’s daughter. Just look at the spacing between his hand and her left shoulder — or the gap between their bodies. Looks like nothing more than friends to me

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