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Meghan Markle ASKED the royal family to APOLOGIZE, harshly declared โ€˜I require them to make amends and confer inheritance rightsโ€™.. Full story below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡




Meghan Markle is reportedly asking for an apology from the royal family before returning to the UK after allegedly turning down an invite for her and her kids next month.


However, sources claim that the royals will not likely apologize anytime soon. Thereโ€™s been a shift in relations since King Charles III and Kate Middletonโ€™s cancer diagnosis.

A Royal expert has revealed that Meghan wants an apology from the royal family before she makes her next visit to the UK. This comes after the Duchess of Sussex allegedly declined a rumored invitation to visit the country with their two kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilbet.

Meghan has maintained a strained relationship with senior members of the royal family since she and her husband stepped down from their roles as senior royals in 2020. She has heavily documented their various altercations and issues in projects in the years since, including an interview with Oprah and their โ€œHarry & Meghanโ€ docuseries on Netflix.

The news also comes after reports that Harry has been working on a possible reconciliation with his family when he travels to London soon. Royal experts have suggested that itโ€™s unlikely that both sides of the royal family will reach a middle ground if Meghan doesnโ€™t receive an apology.

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