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Kate is smart Prince Williams Shared During An Interview



kate middleton has finally apologes for the roung edited picture she posted during mothers day


The speculation reached fever pitch after Kate posted an ill-fated photo to celebrate Mother’s Day. The seemingly innocent family portrait of the princess, surrounded by her three children in Adelaide Cottage, where the family currently lives, made headlines after major news agencies decided to pull it, citing manipulation concerns.


That opened the floodgates for even wilder and more bizarre theories about Kate’s health, whereabouts and relationship with Prince Williams. “If you want to call out the mistake, it was Kate not telling her team that she’d done it [edited the photo].



But she came out and said sorry,” said a friend and advisor to the couple, who said it was “hypocritical” of picture agencies to remove the image, given the widespread use of “image-cropping and photo-altering to tell a story,” arguing they overreacted.

In the report aimed at calming the storm of rumors, the sources close to William and Kate point out that the Prince of Wales — who saw how his mother Lady Di became hounded by the paparazzi — is very protective of his wife and family. “He is approaching this from his desire to protect Kate and his family and not get drawn into the media and social media craziness,” said the main source in The Times report. “Kate is smart, tough, resilient and has good common sense. They will keep their cool heads over it. The public should leave her to recover in peace and leave William to do both his job as the Prince of Wales and his job of looking after his wife and his family as best he can.”

But even in the Kensington Palace’s most conciliatory version to explain last week’s communication gaffes, Prince Williams and Kate cannot resist making a jab at Princes Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the couple that have become their nemesis in the endless soap opera that is the life of the Windsors. “They’re not like [Prince] Harry, obsessing and scrolling through Twitter, but they know it has broken through,” said one of their friends.

“I don’t think they should engineer what they do next,” concluded the source. “The royals are at their best when they get on with their job. Don’t strategize about how to recover ground lost over Photogate, do what you were always intending to do, and when you take the next picture, make sure you take enough so you don’t have to use Photoshop.”

The next photo will likely celebrate the birthday of Prince Louis, the youngest of the couple’s three children, on April 23. It’s an ideal opportunity to leave the family snapshot in the hands of experts and avoid a new wave of social media conspiracy theories.

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