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Kaley Cuoco ‘Cried All Night Long’ After Losing Role to Kate Hudson



Kaley Cuoco ‘Cried All Night Long’ After Losing Role to Kate Hudson


Rejection is hard for everyone. When people get passed up for a job opening, it can be a serious blow to the ego and confidence deflator. And the same frustration occurs in Hollywood when prominent actors get passed over for someone else for pivotal new movie roles.


Cuoco admitted to having a completely emotional reaction to getting turned down for Knives Out 2. She said, “I was convinced [I had the part,]” she told Glamour. She even had her bags packed for Greece to begin filming. But then the news came that she had lost out on the role. And she didn’t lose out to just anyone. She had been turned down for Hollywood powerhouse Kate Hudson.

Cuoco said she normally doesn’t let official casting decisions get under her skin. After all, it comes with the territory. However, she was so sure she had this upcoming part and ecstatic about playing alongside Daniel Craig that when the rejection came, it was a monster blow to her ego and confidence.

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