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Joe Manganiello Jokes He Was ‘Traumatized’ After Filming Nude Scenes in ‘Below 20-Degree’ Weather for True Blood



Joe Manganiello Jokes He Was 'Traumatized’ After Filming Nude Scenes in ‘Below 20-Degree’ Weather for True Blood

We did] nothing with clothes on!” he laughed of his ‘True Blood’ days. “So then they’re like ‘stop shivering, try to make it sexy!'”


Even Joe Manganiello has his limits when it comes to his craft!

During Monday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the True Blood alum, 47, played a would-you-rather-style question game called “deal or no deal” where he revealed some of his major deal breakers.

After admitting he would rather be able to fly first class instead of traveling the world for free, Manganiello also confessed he would give up his dream acting roles if it meant he would have to film in the freezing rain.


“Let me tell you something,” he began. “When I was on True Blood we didn’t shoot in Louisiana — the warm Louisiana. We shot in Malibu [in] December, January for anybody who’s out there it’s below 20 degrees at night and now on True Blood, we were naked.”

“[We did] nothing with clothes on! So then they’re like, ‘Stop shivering, try to make it sexy!’ Like no man, I’m freezing,” he laughed. “So believe me … I wouldn’t take it. I was traumatized by it all.”

True Blood originally aired on HBO for seven seasons between 2008 and 2014. The series is set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, where vampires, werewolves and more mystical creatures roamed rampant.

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