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I’LL EXPOSE UR DIRTY GAME! Meghan RAGES in tears as Angela Levin reveals her dirty truth




As you likely know by now, biographer Angela Levin has never been afraid to call out Meghan Markle when she feels the Duchess isn’t being entirely truthful. Well Angela is back with even more bombshell claims that are sure to get people talking.


According to Angela’s sources still inside Buckingham Palace, tensions have been raging behind closed doors ever since Meghan and Harry’s explosive Oprah interview last year.

While the Sussexes have painted themselves as victims, multiple royal aides and figures have insisted there are two sides to every story. And apparently Angela is now ready to start sharing Meghan’s side in more depth based on insights provided directly to her.

Amidst ongoing controversy, assertions about Meghan Markle’s preparedness for royal life have surfaced, challenging her narrative of unpreparedness and blindsiding upon entering the Windsor family.

Angela Levin, a prominent commentator, has made startling revelations, suggesting that Meghan Markle extensively researched the monarchy before her marriage to Prince Harry

According to Levin, Markle was well aware of royal duties and expectations, a stark contradiction to claims of naivety and surprise after joining the royal fold. Levin’s statements underscore the notion that Meghan Markle’s portrayal of being unprepared for royal life may have been disingenuous.

Allegations of lacking familial support have been countered by accounts suggesting extensive efforts from figures like Kate Middleton to integrate Meghan into the royal family fold. Moreover, insiders maintain that the royal household provided substantial support to the couple, contrary to their public grievances about insufficient assistance.

Critics argue that certain claims made by Meghan Markle during her high-profile interview with Oprah may have been exaggerated or distorted for dramatic effec

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