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I Was There Always Whenever I Was called Swift Share In Her Chorus



I Was There Always Whenever I Was called Swift Share In Her Chorus

Travis Kelce isn’t just a muse for Taylor Swift’s latest album — turns out he’s a tortured poet himself. Shortly after The Tortured Poets Department dropped, Swift’s fans dug up an old tweet of Kelce’s that eerily mirrored the lyrics to one of the new songs. So, was Swift lurking on Kelce’s social media while writing her album, or is this just another length of the invisible string that led them to one another?

Ever since Swift began publicly dating Kelce, scrolling through the NFL star’s hilariously candid old tweets has been a favorite pastime among Swifties. Kelce even joked he felt “tortured” by all his unearthed musings when they began going viral again. (His word choice feels much more intriguing now). While most of the posts are just Olive Garden reviews or MGMT lyrics, one 2011 tweet stood out as particularly poetic following the release of Swift’s new album.

“It may seem like I complain a lot but I really can’t stress how much I hate it here…,” Kelce tweeted in early 2011. Fast-forward 13 years, and his girlfriend is singing the same sentiment on her song “I Hate It Here.” “I’m there most of the year ’cause I hate it here,” Swift sings in the chorus.
Travis Kelce tweeted lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “I Hate It Here” in 2011.

Despite the parallel thinking, Swifties don’t believe “I Hate It Here” is inspired by Kelce, although she may have given him a little shoutout in the bridge. “Lucid dreams like electricity, the current flies through me,” Swift sings of discovering the one place she doesn’t hate. This could be an allusion to Swift’s relationship with Kelce, since fans closely associate him with electricity given his favorite adjective to describe anything Swift-related has been “electric.”

But the majority of “I Hate It Here” seems to be about Swift’s six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. She addresses the song to “a poet trapped in the body of a finance guy,” likely referring to Alwyn’s love of poetry and literary collaborations with Swift despite his more buttoned-up appearance.

As for songs fully inspired by Kelce, fans believe there are only two on the new album. “The Alchemy” seems to capture how Swift feels with Kelce, and “So High School” includes various references to her current BF.

Another Taylor Swift video means another closely investigated Easter egg hunt. By now, every Swiftie knows that our favorite tortured poet loves to hide references ranging from cute little throwbacks to potentially massive revelations in all of her releases. And yes, her new “Fortnight” music video with Post Malone is no different. As you go back for your hundredth rewatch of the very Poor Things-coded video, be on the lookout for the following Easter eggs hiding in plain sight.

In “Fortnight,” Swift sings about an ex that she’s still hung up on after a breakup that sent her spiraling. As in the song, Malone plays Swift’s love interest in the music video, which puts a fantastical, gothic spin on the lyrics. Filmed in black-and-white (which seems to be this era’s aesthetic), the video shows Swift being freed from a distorted asylum and going back to work in a warehouse filled with typewriters. After fantasizing about her past fling with Malone’s character, Swift goes to medical extremes to try to forget him, but nothing can take away her memories.

Notably, the video includes tons of visual references to Swift’s past work, as well as winks to other elements of her Tortured Poets era, and even some clues as to who “Fortnight” may be about.

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