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Happy Birthday Sofia Vergara: Revisiting 5 Times We Found Actress’ Modern Family Role Relatable




On Sofia Vergara’s birthday today, we celebrate by looking at
some of the most entertaining, humorous, and relatable
moments that prove her character.


Modern Family has ceased to air for over a year but has
carved a niche in everyone’s heart. This means that this sit-
com which is a mockumentary style can be watched over and
over again and has great characters with good story arcs. All
the characters are developed individually and I liked how the
actors portrayed the main characters. Although it is impossible
to name one interesting character all the time, probably, the
most amusing character is Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, an
actress, and a model, Sofia Vergara.
Gloria the loud, bold, and fierce wife of Jay Pritchett ( Ed
O’Neill ) besides being a loving wife and a mother to Manny
Delgado (Rico Rodriguez) has a pinch of craziness added to
the show. To commemorate Sofia Vergara’s birthday today,
here is a compilation of the most humorous moments that this
Latin beauty is capable of putting on display.

Gloria is pursuing her American citizenship at Jay’s insistence
but when she realizes that Jay wants her to get the citizenship
only to avoid long lines at the customs while they are on their
vacations, she feels amused and then sarcastically follows the
typical American behavioural clichés. Cohen welcomes the US
President wearing an ‘all American’ dress and mimics being
the perfect American wife She arrives wearing shorts bearing
the stars-and-stripes, a vest with the bald eagle on it, an
artificial Texas twang and cooks steak for him. I love it when
Gloria and Jay have this humorous conversation with each
other like this.

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