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CELEBRITYPrince William advised to be careful by Kate Middleton ahead of King’s big day




Prince William advised to be careful by Kate Middleton ahead of King’s big day


Kate Middleton and Prince William, who played a key role at King Charles’ Coronation just over a year ago, are in news about their future roles ahead of Trooping the Colour on June 15.

The Prince and Princess of Wales could no be seen walking together at the next week’s event due to Catherine’s cancer treatment, but the sweet couple attracted all the spotlight at the King and Queen’s crowning ceremony last year.

King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton played key roles one of the biggest and most important events in decade in may, 2023.

Kate Middleton was caught on camera while giving an advice to her husband, and William was also captured replying to his sweet wife when the couple arrived at Westminster Abbey with their children Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and joined the procession before King Charles and Queen Camilla’s crowning.

The Princess had a word of concern for the future King before the Waleses

started the long walk into the Abbey. Jeremy Freeman, professional lip reader, told the Daily Star that Kate turned to William and said: “Just mind the gown”. And he believes the heir to the throne replied with reassurance saying: “Don’t worry I got [or caught] it.”

Kate’s words truly described how caring and loving she’s to her husband Prince William as she cares about his well-being even at public events. William is also standing buy his wife’s side during her difficult time to let the world know that how strong their relationship is.

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