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CELEBRITYLASTEST NEWS: Taylor Swift ex-boyfriend Matt Healy Claps at Swifties: ‘Chill Out!’ in Heated Social Media Exchange Over Mysterious Post Aimed at Taylor Swift



The singer had a very brief relationship with Taylor Swift in early 2023


Matt Healy can’t escape his past, especially when it comes to his brief romance with Taylor Swift. The 1975 vocalist was recently dragged into a controversy on social media between his own fans and so-called Swifties, who claim that Healy sent a hint to the singer

Another user responded sharply, “We need a new psychological term for a contemporary form of narcissism that is somehow not refracted internally onto the self but rather onto the object of a standom.”

Healy, seemingly fed up with the drama, liked a screenshot of this response when it was shared on Instagram, indicating his agreement with the critique of the fan frenzy.

This social media skirmish comes just a week after Us Weekly reported that Healy finds Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” amusing despite being initially “blindsided” by it.

The record, which features songs about Swift’s ex Joe Alwyn and current boyfriend Travis Kelce, also includes tracks that many believe reference her brief fling with Healy. Songs like “Down Bad,” “But Daddy I Love Him,” and “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” are speculated to be about Healy.

When confronted about the album shortly after its release, Healy claimed he hadn’t “really listened to that much of it” but added, “I’m sure it’s good.” His family members, including his mom and aunt, also weighed in, hinting at more layers to the story

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