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Breaking News :Jason Kelce Reaveil Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are Thinking How To Come Up With There Engagement Strategies



Taylor Swift’s Sweet Onstage REACTON to Football Lyric Amid Travis Kelce Romance Will Feel Like Flying.


The ring can wait. Ever since they went public in September, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce seem to have been barreling toward an engagement, ticking off milestones – meeting each other’s folks, spending holidays together – and raising their fans’ and families’ expectations. Now, an insider says all that outside pressure has soured the prospect of an imminent proposal.


“The constant questioning from friends and family is starting to really get them down, the source exclusively tells Life & Style. “Not a day goes by they don’t get hit with gentle hints and questions.”

It doesn’t help that Taylor and Travis, both 34, have gone on a slew of picturesque, engagement-worthy trips recently – from a Paris rendezvous (where Travis took in an Eras tour concert alongside Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid) to a luxe Lake Como vacay in Italy.



But the source says the Super Bowl champ doesn’t like to be pushed to do anything, explaining, “The social media and fan chatter about an engagement is bad enough, but he also gets questions from friends, and the more he’s pressured, the more he withdraws.” The source confirms that Travis does want to make things official – in his own time.

Taylor, meanwhile, “has moved past” hoping for an any-day-now ring and is focusing on her European tour. “Her friends bring it up all the time, and she’s ordered them to stop mentioning it. The constant questions are not helping. She’s 100 percent sure that Travis is The One, and she’s just hoping the proposal happens soon, because she wants to get on with the next stage of their lives.”

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