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7 MINUTES AGO Taylor Swift’s Private Jet LANDED in LA to reunite with Travis Kelce With a Surprise Package waiting for her from Donna Kelce.




Without Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift landed in Scotland after finishing her Eras Tour in Lyon, France. Swift’s solo arrival has caught the attention of fans and media, sparking curiosity about her next moves post-tour. The completion of her highly successful tour marks a significant milestone, and her arrival in Scotland adds to the excitement surrounding her upcoming plans and activities.


Per DeuxMoi, “there were allegedly some Travis/Taylor jokes that he didn’t love & he seemed nervous.”

Travis Kelce’s newest gig (other than professionally gushing about Taylor Swift at every available opportunity, ofc)? Hosting the upcoming competition show Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity. The footballer has reportedly been filming a buncha episodes while staying in Los Angeles with Taylor, and a source recently dished to Us Weekly that, “He’s funny and has the wits for it. He’s the perfect host. It’s a great gig for him.”
Meanwhile, another insider claimed Travis signed on to host the show “long before” his “profile was raised,” and “now he has to honor the contract.” Oh, and apparently, the plan is to “really fine-tune the show and Kelce so this doesn’t embarrass him.”


As for how Tay feels about Travis’s new gig, yet another source told Us Weekly the singer is “very excited about the opportunities Travis is getting and fully supports him. [But] she wants him to be conscious of his schedule. The only issue is making sure they can see each other.”

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